• August 5, 2021

     Hello Richey Royals and Parents,

     I’d like to introduce myself as your new superintendent. I’m Jeanine Fillinger and I come to you from Helena, MT. When I was growing up, one of my favorite times of year was the beginning of school. I looked forward to meeting my new teacher and being reunited with my classmates. Today, I have the same joyful feelings. Although, it’s more of an excitement to lead a new staff and connect and encourage a new district of students. I feel fortunate to be here in Richey. From the day I bounced into town in my Jeep Wrangler, I have been showered with welcomes and well wishes.

     All district leaders have different styles. I’d like to tell you a bit about mine. I really enjoy what I do. Being a district leader comes with challenges, but also comes with great rewards. I have your children in my care, and I don’t take that lightly. Does that mean we will always agree? Not necessarily, but my hope is that through our conversations we will always be able to keep your child’s best interest in the forefront of our decision making. I have an open-door policy and enjoy connecting with parents and hearing their ideas.

     When a concern does arise, I ask you to please follow the chain of command. Classroom and playground issues should be brought to your child’s teacher before coming to me.  If the issue isn’t resolved between the two of you, that’s when I get involved. If the concern involves athletics, please talk to the coach first. Then, you approach the athletic director. If still unresolved, I will get involved. My goal is always to do what’s in the best interest of the students.

     The handbooks will be sent home on the first day of school.  I have made some changes to the current handbooks. Any significant changes will be highlighted in yellow. I do that each year so it’s easy for you to find them. There will be one item in the handbook that will be highlighted, and it isn’t a change. Students won’t be allowed to wear hats in the school. I’m big on respect and am strict when it comes to this. So, I just like to give students a heads up.

     We made a switch this summer. Our student information was housed in Power Schools, and you will now find it in Infinite Campus. This has been a big change and the staff has worked hard on the conversion. Please be patient with us while we work our way through the process.

     Thank you for entrusting me with your children. I look forward to getting to know all of you.  


    Jeanine Fillinger