• Welcome to the Richey Music Room!  

    In the music room I try to create a space where kids feel confident to explore their musical gifts!  I want them to feel OK making mistakes and experimenting with their voices and other instruments as we grow in knowledge of written music!  Of course, we're a classroom, so there are rules and all that other stuff...  but those things help us to keep order so that learning can still happen!!  

    As I begin my second year at Richey School I am excited to continue with the same classroom goals.  Which may look a little different because of COVID-19.  A little more cleaning and sanitizing, a little more distance between seats and a little less casual sharing of instruments and books.  I hope to help kids feel safe, while still allowing spontaneity and creative fun!  

    If you as a parent have any questions or concerns I invite you to call me.  I don't know about you, but I'm trying to use safe practices, while living a little in denial to save my sanity!  My goal is to achieve safety and still feel normal.    

    Mrs. Merri Clifton