• Dear Students and Parents,

    I want to say how much I've enjoyed your little school here in Richey!  There are so many wonderful people here!  It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye.  Last year was full of challenges for all of us!  COVID hit hard and changed the way that we all see the world. 

    And then, for me, the world changed this school year when I lost both of my parents in a four month time span.  It made me realize how short life really is.  And so I made the decision to quit teaching.  I want to spend more time with my family.  And almost daily my decision is confirmed.  My husband is excited to have me around to drive bus and run errands for him!  But I'm excited to be able to bake cookies and plan crafting days with my grandkids! 

    And so, as the long days of summer approach, I hope that you will take time to appreciate the sun on your face, the beauty of your life and all of your family!!  God bless you all!!

    Mrs. Clifton