• Climbing Mountains

    Welcome to my world Mathematics! I am Marc Jayme and I am teaching Grade 7-12 here in Richey School. Im from the Philippines and Im looking forward to have a great year with all of students enrolled in my class. I hope you will like my subject because I do anything for you to love it.

     About Myself: Im a graduate of Bachelor of  Science in Secondary Education Major in Mathematics at MSEUF-CI and a Complete Academic Record of Master's of Arts in Education MAjor in Mathematics at The National Teacher's College (CAR-MA). I've been teaching for 4 year's specifically; 1 yr. in Elementary 3 yrs in Junior and Senior and 1 semester in College. Its my 1st year of teaching here in Richey. I normally modify hard concepts in the book and presents it simple for my students. Im an active and i also likes sports.

    About Classroom: if you know the answer " why we need to learn mathematics?" i believe you are ready for my subject. You should have a great foundation of basic operation because this subjects requires a higher order thinking skills. You could always ask my help if you are confuse and I'll find ways to make it easy for you.

     About Grading: If you want to get an A on Math, do your assignment everyday. Every weekend you will notice some changes on your grades it might increase nor decrease which will depends on your performances every week. It does'nt mean that you can't get an A if you receive B for this week. Im gathering every pieces of paper you submit to me, you will check your paper, look for mistakes, do correction and submit it to me with solution. The score you will get will be added on your grade's which is enough to cover most of your low score.