• Cindy Sponheim                                     

    Cindy Sponheim
    My name is Cindy Sponheim, and I'd like to welcome you & your child to the preschool program at Richey Public Schools.  This is my sixth year teaching preschool at Richey.  
    In preschool you'll find us doing a variety of activities that are designed to help each child gain skills and knowledge that will help them confidently enter Kindergarten.  The kids go from learning how to hold a crayon at the beginning of the year to putting letters together to form words at the end of the year.  Numeral recognition and counting are other important tasks, and we work at them all year.  We also practice color and shape recognition as well as learning through music and art.  Mother Goose resides in our room, and the children learn several nursery rhymes.  Free play time is always a favorite part of the morning, with a variety of activities available such as sensory play, pretending, building, coloring, reading, doing puzzles and more.  
    For the 2017-18 school year, preschool will be held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday mornings from 7:55-11:00am in Room 119 of the elementary building.  PreK students (those entering Kindergarten the fall of 2018) will attend all four days.  Three and four year-olds will attend Tuesdays and Thursdays.