• Morning Report


    April 1, 2020






    The Governor announced that schools will continue to be

    closed until Friday, April 10.

    Hopefully then we can get back to school as usual. We'll see......




    RICHEY PUBLIC LIBRARY:  The Library will remain CLOSED until further notice from the County.

                Pork Raffle Winners – Larry/Deb Gibson & Steve Peterson

                Any questions, contact Jess Buller at the Library at 773-5585.


    ACT TEST – Revised:  OPI has been trying to negotiate a test date in May, but that idea has not come to fruition.  The ACT will be given to you at no cost on Tuesday, October 6, 2020

    If you want a test score before or after then you will have to pay the regular fee.  Any questions can be directed to Mr. Zieske and he will let you know of any changes.


    ACADEMIC OLYMPICS:  High School – TODAY and Junior High April 8 have been CANCELLED.


    HS TRACK ATHLETES & PARENTS:  Note From Coach Sommerfeld – Please Friend “rlfusion track” FB page for workouts, or direct your kids to look at them please. I know they are not mandatory, but if we do have a season it would be most beneficial if they are working out and doing drills. Please pass it along to other team members. Thank you.


    MHSA SPRING ACTIVITIES STATUS:  The MHSA's Executive Board decided to suspend all spring practices, contests, meets and festivals indefinitely in response to the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. The Board will reevaluate the suspension on Monday, April 13, MHSA executive director Mark Beckman wrote in a press release.


    FIRST DAY OF PRACTICES:   For grades 5-8 track will be ANNOUNCED at a later date (weather permitting).

    If you are planning on participating in either of these sports, you will need to have a completed MHSA physical form in the office before you practice.


    BIBLE CLUB:  Has been POSTPONED until school resumes. 


    ZUMBA - Revised:   Ladies Zumba is PUT ON HOLD for now. Contact Kaysie at 406-600-1632 if you're interested or have questions.


    FFA SauerkrauT & HATS:  The Richey FFA’s sauerkraut is available to purchase at the cost of $4.00 per pint and $8.00 per quart. To reserve your order please contact Mr. Senner at the school.

    The Richey FFA has coyote hats for sale for $15.00/each.


    OPEN FUSION COACHING POSITIONS - Updated:  The R&L Athletic Co-op is accepting applications for the following coaching positions:

    Assistant Junior High Track Coach

    3rd Assistant Track Coach

    4th Assistant Track Coach

    Head Football Coach

    Assistant Football Coach

    Assistant Volleyball Coach

    Head Junior High Volleyball Coach

    Assistant Junior High Volleyball Coach

                Applications may be obtained at the Richey or Lambert High School office.

                Applications are also available on the school web pages at http://lps.schoolwires.net or www.richey.k12.mt.us or by contacting the Co-op Clerk Jodi Williams at jwilliams@richey.k12.mt.us or via phone at 773-5523 during normal business hours.

                For more information, please contact the Athletic Directors: 

    Lambert – Kara Triplett – 774-3333 ext 105

    Richey – Carla Smith – 773-5523 and/or Brent Smith – 939-3214

    Please submit applications to Athletic Directors in Richey or Lambert.






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