• Morning Report


    September 28, 2020


    MENU:            Taco Soup





    BREAKFAST:    Monday – Cereal, Muffin, Fruit


    SCHOOL JACKETS – Grades 8-12:  If you are interested in ordering a school jacket, please see Deb.  The school jackets with the leather sleeves cost approximately $235.00 (with shipping) and the hooded jackets cost approximately $190.00 (with shipping).  Try on some other student’s jacket to help give you an idea of what size you need.  Have your order into the office by 3:00 PM tomorrow.  A $50.00 deposit made out to the school is required with your order.  (Deb)


    VOLLEYBALL PINK NIGHT – Note Time Change:  Join the Fusion and Savage Warriors volleyball teams for a courageous event – Volley for a Cure.  Savage comes to Lambert on Saturday, 10/3.  Game times are JH 10:00 AM, JV 11:30 AM and V 1:00 PM. 

                *Fans:  Please wear pink or another Cancer Awareness color; you’ll get a sticker at the door if you do!

                *Donations will be taken and proceeds given to the Richland County Cancer Coalition, with a member on site to share a few words.

                *Prior to the start of the Varsity game, Lambert’s Homecoming Royalty will be announced.

                *Prior to the JH and Varsity games, teams will recognize individuals or families of those affected by cancer by presenting a carnation.

                *Upon conclusion of the Varsity game, fans will be treated with a grab and go goodie!

                ***FANS – Please remember masks are required in gym to protect and support our teams!


    GRADES K-5:   Bible Club every Wednesday until the end of October Jan Buller’s right after school for one hour.


    HOUSES FOR RENT:  The school has two houses available for rent - both are $430 per month, which includes utilities.  There is the 2 bedroom on main street and the other is the Williams house.  If interested, please contact Jodi at the school.


    FUSION FACE MASKS:  Are being sold by the senior class.  They come in white and black and are $10 each.  They are a 3 layer mask.  The 2 outside layers are made of polyester and the inside layer is made of cotton.  If you're interested in purchasing, you can contact a senior or Jodi at the school, 773-5523.

    WREATH FUNDRAISER:  The senior class will be selling wreaths from September 16th through October 12th, with delivery around Thanksgiving.  Just in time for your Christmas decorating and gift giving!  Don’t know what to get someone for Christmas, you can buy a wreath and have it sent directly to them.  The wreaths are “green” - the greenery is harvested from the forests of the Pacific Northwest, no trees are cut down, the plant material can be composted and the metal wreath rings can be recycled.  The different products available are: 12” candle ring, 20” wreath, 22” wreath, 26” wreath, 20” advent wreath, 22” rustic wreath, 26” rustic wreath, 28” cross wreath, 28” door swag and 15 ft cedar garland (all wreaths come with a bow).  If you’re interested in purchasing a wreath for yourself or as a gift, you can contact a senior or Jodi at the school (773-5523).  Thanks for your continued support!


    COMMUNITY BIRTHDAY CALENDAR:  It's that time again.  If you have any changes or additions to the calendar please contact Jodi at 773-5523 or jwilliams@richey.k12.mt.us.  Calendars will start to be printed on the 4h of November so any changes need to be in by October 31stThank you!


    FRIENDS OF REYNOLD'S:  The senior class has teamed up with the Sidney Reynold's for an easy and convenient fundraiser.  Since the school is a non-profit organization, they qualified to earn money every time a member shops at Reynold's.  At the end of each quarter, our members' transactions are totaled, calculated and a check will be presented to the senior class.  You can pick up a membership card at the hardware, bank, from a senior class member or at the school.  How it works, before you start checking out, give the cashier the account number (1050)  that is on the membership card, simple as that!  If you have any questions contact Jodi at the school, 773-5523.


    OPEN FUSION COACHING POSITIONS – Updated :  The Richey/Lambert Athletic Co-op is accepting applications for the following coaching positions:

    Drill Team Advisor

    Assistant Junior High Track

                 Applications may be obtained at the Lambert High School office or the Richey High School Office.

    Applications are also available on the school web pages at http://lps.schoolwires.net or www.richey.k12.mt.us or by contacting the Co-op Clerk Jodi Williams at jwilliams@richey.k12.mt.us or via phone at 773-5523 during normal business hours.

    For more information please contact the Athletic Directors:

    Lambert- Kara Triplett – 774-3333 Ext 103

    Richey- Carla Smith and Jon Barnhart  - 773-5523

    Please submit applications to Athletic Directors in Lambert or Richey.


    ACT TEST – Revised:  OPI has been trying to negotiate a test date in May, but that idea has not come to fruition.  The ACT will be given to you at no cost on Tuesday, October 6, 2020

    If you want a test score before or after then you will have to pay the regular fee.  Any questions can be directed to Mr. Zieske and he will let you know of any changes.




    Monday, 9/28

    JH/HS FB practice @ Lambert (Klempel Mini)

    JH/HS VB practice @ Richey

    JH/HS XC practice @ Richey


    Tuesday, 9/29

    HS XC @ FERGUS INVITE              11:15 (2 visiting spectators allowed per runner)

    Depart Richey:  6:00 AM (Tony)

    JH/HS FB practice @ Lambert (Klempel Mini)

    JH/HS VB practice @ Richey

    *NO JH XC practice


    Wednesday, 9/30

    HS FB practice @ Lambert (Day Rider Red Exped)

    HS VB practice @ Richey

    HS XC practice @ Richey 


    Thursday, 10/1

    JH/HS FB practice @ Lambert (Klempel Mini)

    JH/HS VB practice @ Richey

    JH/HS XC practice @ Richey


    Friday, 10/2 – School in Session

    JV/V VB @ SACO                 JV 5:00 PM, V +20

    Depart Lambert: 1:00 PM (Sommerfeld)

    Depart Richey:  1:30 PM

    JHVB practice @ Richey       3:15 PM

    JH/HS XC practice @ Richey

    JH/HS FB practice @ Lambert (Klempel Red Exped)


    Saturday, 10/2


    Depart Lambert:  6:30 AM

    Depart Richey:  7:00 AM (Tony)

    JH/JV/V VB vs. SAVAGE @ LAMBERT     JH 10:00 AM, JV 11:30 AM, V 1:00 PM - PINK NIGHT

                                                                                                    **NOTE TIME CHANGE**

    JH Depart Richey:  8:30 AM (Barnhart Black Exped)

    HS Depart Richey:  10:00 AM (Coaches mini)

    JH/V FB @ SAVAGE            JH 4:30 PM, V 7:00 PM

    Depart Richey:  2:00 PM (Day Rider Red Exped)

    Depart Lambert:  2:30 PM (Coach MRehbein)

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