• Morning Report


    September 19, 2019


    MENU:            Goulash

                            Garlic bread


                            Mandarin oranges



    BREAKFAST:   Monday, 9/23 – Breakfast Bread; Tuesday, 9/24 – Breakfast Quesadilla; Wednesday, 9/25 – Cobbler; Thursday, 9/26 – Breakfast Sandwich


    LACE UP FOR KIDS:   This September!  Richey Student Council is participating in the 2019 Awareness Campaign.  All Richey students and R&L sports teams will receive a pair of gold laces. Share your laces on social media and tag Solving Kids’ Cancer.  #LaceUpForKids  #CareWearShare. 

     We will also have extra gold laces (youth & adult) for “Free Will Donation”.  You may purchase from Deb.  Wear the laces in your shoes, hair, wrists, etc.  Solving Kids’ Cancer


    BOARD MEETING:  The Richey School Board will hold their regular meeting TONIGHT at 7:00 PM in the high school library.  The meeting is open to the public and everyone is invited to attend.


    SCHOOL JACKETS – Grades 8-12:  If you are interested in ordering a school jacket, please see Deb.  The school jackets with the leather sleeves cost approximately $235.00 (with shipping) and the hooded jackets cost approximately $190.00 (with shipping).  Try on some other student’s jacket to help give you an idea of what size you need.  Have your order into the office by noon on Tuesday, September 24.  A $50.00 deposit made out to the school is required with your order.  (Deb)


    NEWSLETTER:  If you would like to include an article in the October newsletter, please have it turned into the office by noon on Tuesday, September 24.


    Adult Ed:   Ladies Zumba class starting Tuesday, September 24 in the old gym. Classes will be Tuesday & Thursday evenings at 6:30 depending on interest. Contact Kaysie at 406-600-1632 if you're interested or have questions.


    SCIENCE OLYMPIAD – Grades 7-12:  If anyone is interested in participating in Science Olympiad, talk to Mr. Day Rider by Monday, September 30.


    LITTLE CAESAR’s:  Pizza, pizza!  The senior class will be selling Little Caesar's Pizza Kits.  They will be selling TODAY - September 30 with delivery during the week of October 8.  If you're interested in purchasing pizza kits, you can contact a senior or Mr. Day Rider at the school (773-5523).  Thank you for the continued support of the Class of 2020! 


    BIRTHDAY CALENDAR:   I have started working on the 2020 birthday calendar.  If you have any additions or corrections that you'd like me to make, please let me know by October 31st.  Thank you, Jodi.


    WREATH SALES:  The juniors have started selling wreaths.  Hard to believe it's getting to be that time of year again!  They will be going around town but if they miss you and you'd like to order, you can contact Jodi at the school and she will send someone your way.  Thank you for your continued support!


    SUBS NEEDED:  If you are interested in subbing at Richey Schools, stop in the office and get an application (simple process of application, finger printing, great kids)


    GAMES BROADCAST:  The R&L Fusion games (volleyball, football, basketball) will be broadcast on network1sports.com and the NFHS network. 

    The NFHS games will be available by paid subscription and can be accessed through mhsa.org.  The cost is $9.95/month.


    OPEN FUSION COACHING POSITIONS - Updated:  The R&L Athletic Co-op is accepting applications for the following coaching positions:

    Winter Cheerleading Advisor

    Drill Team Advisor

    2nd Assistant Boys Basketball

    Junior High Boys Basketball

    Elementary Boys Basketball

                Applications may be obtained at the Richey or Lambert High School office.

                Applications are also available on the school web pages at http://lps.schoolwires.net or www.richey.k12.mt.us or by contacting the Co-op Clerk Jodi Williams at jwilliams@richey.k12.mt.us or via phone at 773-5523 during normal business hours.

                For more information, please contact the Athletic Directors: 

    Lambert – Kara Triplett – 774-3333 ext 105

    Richey – Carla Smith – 773-5523 and/or Brent Smith – 939-3214

    Please submit applications to Athletic Directors in Richey or Lambert.




    Thursday 9/19:

    JH/HS FB practice @ Richey

    JH VB practice @ Richey

    JH/HS XC practice @ Lambert

    HSVB @ CIRCLE      JV 6:00 PM, V+20      **NOTE GAME TIME**

    Depart Lambert:  4:00 PM (Sommerfeld)

    Depart Richey:  4:30 PM

    Richey School Board Meeting        7:00 PM (HS Library)


    Friday 9/20:



                   **CANCELLED DUE TO LIGHTENING**

    HSVB @ LUSTRE     (VARSITY ONLY)     5:30 PM

    Depart Lambert:  2:15 PM (Sommerfeld)

    Depart Richey:   2:45 PM

    JH/HS FB practice @ Richey 

    JHVB practice @ Richey 


    Saturday 9/21:


    Depart Richey:  6:30 AM (Kristen)

    Depart Lambert:  7:00 AM (Sommerfeld)

                9:00 AM – Culbertson vs. R&L (Multi)

                9:40 AM – R&L vs. Frontier (Gym)

    12:20 PM –  Nashua vs. R&L (Gym)

    1:00 PM – R&L (B) vs. FV (B) (Gym)

    JH/HS XC @ POPLAR         ***MEET ADDED**        10:00 AM

                 Depart Lambert:  6:45 AM

                 Depart Richey:  7:15 AM  (Tammy/Yellow Bus)

    JH/HS FB @ WIBAUX          JH 10:30 AM, V 1:00 PM

    Depart Lambert: 7:45 AM (Mark)

    Depart Richey:  8:15 AM

    HS VB @ PLENTYWOOD    JV 3:00 PM, V+20

    Depart Richey:  11:45 AM (Tony)

    Depart Lambert:  12:15 PM





    Monday 9/23: 

    JH/HS VB practice @ Lambert (Kunzer mini)

    JH/HS FB practice @ Lambert (Dayrider car)

     JH/HS XC practice @ Richey


    Tuesday 9/24:

    JHFB vs Savage @ LAMBERT       4:30 PM

    Dismiss 2:30 PM

    Depart 2:45 PM (Klempel Red Exped)

    JH/HS VB practice @ Lambert (Kunzer mini)

    HS FB practice @ Lambert (Dayrider car)

    JH/HS XC practice @ Richey


    Wednesday 9/25:

    HS FB practice @ Lambert (Dayrider car)

    HS VB practice @ Lambert (Kunzer mini)

    HS XC practice @ Richey


    Thursday 9/26:

    JH/HS FB practice @ Lambert (Dayrider car)

    JH VB practice @ Richey

    JH/HS XC @ FRAZER          4:15 PM

    Depart Lambert:  12:45 PM

    Depart Richey: 1:15 PM (Tony)

    Dismiss 1:10 PM

    HSVB vs Scobey @ RICHEY           JV 5:00 PM, V 6:15 PM


    Friday 9/27:


    JH & HSVB @ BAINVILLE                        JH 4:00 PM, JV +20, V+20

    Depart Richey:  1:30 PM (Tony)

                Depart Lambert:  2:00 PM

    HSFB @ JORDAN                JH 4:30 PM, V 7:00 PM

    Depart Lambert:  TBA (Mark)

    Depart Richey:  TBA

    XC practice @ Richey            2:45 PM

    JHFB practice @ Lambert     2:30 PM

                Depart 2:00 PM (Klempel Red Exped)


    Saturday 9/28:

    XC @ GLASGOW INVITE    10:00 AM (Ft. Peck Campground)

    Depart Lambert:  6:30 AM

    Depart Richey:  7:00 AM (Tony)

    JHVB @ MonDak JAMBOREE       TBA

    Depart Richey:  TBA

    Depart Lambert:  TBA


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