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    Joe Day Rider
    7-12 Science 
    Phone Numbers:  773-5201 or 845-2478
    E-mail:  jdrider@richey.k12.mt.us 
    Alright see everybody next...wait...where did the summer go????  Welcome back for another school year everybody.  Classes this year include 7th grade life science, 8th grade physical science, earth science, biology, physics and anatomy & physiology.  In addition to my teaching duties, I am also the assistant high school football, one of the assistant track coaches, and a class advisor.  For a little background info:  I am originally from Valier, MT, which is a small town on the Rocky Mountain front; I graduated in May 2010 from MSU-Bozeman (GO CATS!!!!) with my Bachelor's degree in general science broadfield and recently completed my Masters in science education.  My hobbies include hiking, camping, rafting, movies, video games and sports.
    I look forward to another year in Richey and if there are ever any questions, feel free to send me an e-mail or give me a ring on the phone.  Project and lab videos and pictures can be found under the labeled page.