We are officially finished cataloging the library into the new digital system!  Out catalog is now online and easy for students and staff to use.  We also are now offering e-books through Overdrive.  All students and staff are able to check out a wide variety of e-books, audio books, and videos through the Montana Shared Catalog Digital Collections.  The links for both are available here, as well as on the Richey Schools Home Page.
    Richey Schools is committed to offering the most affordable library books and media available to our students.  The library is open during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 3:35 p.m. Monday through Friday whenever school is in session.  Currently, the kindergarten through sixth grade collection is housed in the elementary building while the seventh through twelfth grade is housed in the high school building.  The libraries do not charge any fees for overdue books.  If a book is lost or misplaced, students may have to pay the full price and the librarian will re-order the title, but this does not happen until the end of the summer following the regular school year; we would much rather wait for the student to recover the book rather than accept money for a lost copy.  As always, it is the policy of Richey Schools to assist patrons in whatever way they can.  If you have any questions or need help, please don't hesitate in asking the librarian.
    Here are some guidelines and procedures for the effective use of the libraries.
    Elementary Library
    Once each week each classroom will visit the library for book checkout.  Students may check out one book for a period of two weeks but may return the book as soon as they are finished reading it.  Children in the lower grades usually finish their book within a week's time so they may return it and select a new one.  All students in our school district understand that if they do not return their library book, they cannot check out a new book until they do; in our quest to teach responsibility in everyday living, it's so important that the child learn to return his/her book on time.  If a book is overdue, the child's teacher will be notified and either the librarian or teacher will send a note home or contact the parent personally. We ask parents to assist us in reminding their children of their responsibility in returning books promptly and treating our books with respect.  Elementary students will also spend part of their library period learning about the library and all it has to offer. 
    High School Library
    The high school library serves as a library and meeting room.  Students may check out books for a period of two weeks, but they may return the book if they finish early.  A list of recommended titles for college is housed on top of the card catalog. Students at Richey Schools are constantly encouraged to read a variety of books.   The students also have access to World Book Online and Ebsco Database for research.  For additional information on using our research databases, please go to Research Links on the library home page.  
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Last Modified on January 30, 2019