• Preschool Information 
    What are preschool days and hours?
    Preschool is held Monday through Thursday.  Children who will be in kindergarten the fall of 2021 will attend all four days.  Children who are 3-4 years old attend only on Tuesday and Wednesdays.
    Preschool is in session from 7:50-11:00am.
    When can my child start preschool?
    Children can start preschool if they are fully potty trained and have turned 3 by September 10th of the current school year.
    How much does it cost?
    Nothing!  Preschool is a free service offered by Richey schools.
    Where is preschool held?
    Richey Elementary School, Room 119. 
    Can my child ride the bus to school?
    Yes, providing you are in the Richey school district.  Please notify the school office if you intend to use the bus.  Please keep in mind that bus service would only be for coming to school in the morning.  The children are to be picked up at 11:00am.
    Where is drop-off and pick-up?
    Drop off is typically done in the classroom before school begins, and at 11:00, parents may pick up children in the entrance of the elementary building.  
    Is food served at preschool?
    Yes.  Each morning there is a snack break at about 9:40am with snacks provided by the kids and milk or water provided by the school.  If your child has any allergies or dietary restrictions, please contact the teacher.  Notes will be sent home periodically letting parents know when more snacks are needed.
    Can I volunteer at school?
    Of course!  Parent involvement at preschool is welcome.  Contact Cindy to talk about how you'd like to be involved.
    How do I enroll my child?
    Contact the Richey school office at 773-5523. 
    How do I contact the teacher?
    You can reach Cindy by email at csponheim@richey.k12.mt.us or her cell at (406) 939-5574.