• ClassroomRules:

    1)    Come to class prepared and on time.

    2)   Drinks are allowed in the classroom portion only. 

    3)    Utilize class time wisely

    4)    Cell phones, iPods/iPads, Kindles are allowed in class but need to be silenced during lecture time.

    5)    Be excellent to each other


    Discipline Policy:

    1)       Anyone caught cheating will receive a zero for that assignment. 

    2)     Anyone not following rule 5 will result in the following;

             a.       1st time:  asked to place the item in his/her locker

             b.       2nd time:  confiscation for the remainder of the day and parents will be contacted

             c.       3rd time:  phone will be turned into the office 

    3)     Any other rule violations will result in the following discipline procedure:

             a.    1st Offense – Warning

             b.    2nd Offense – 30 minutes detention*

             c.    3rd Offense – 1 hour of detention*

             d.    4th Offense – 3 hours of detention*

             e.    5th Offense – In-School Suspension*

    *note:  detention may be served with the teacher or the superintendent